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There’s much more to facial plastic surgery than the facelift. While it does remain one of the most effective and comprehensive ways to reverse the signs of aging, you have a number of options available that can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments to rejuvenate your appearance, from brow lifts and eyelid surgery to deep laser resurfacing.

At Daines Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to offer personalized surgical plans that meet your needs and lifestyle. Double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Steven Daines devotes his expertise to helping each individual achieve the most natural and beautiful-looking results. He can help you choose the right techniques for addressing issues like wrinkles, skin laxity, volume loss and more to restore a vibrant, youthful look.

Keep reading to learn more about the facial cosmetic procedures we offer and how much each costs so you can decide how they fit into your beauty budget. Pricing usually includes the initial consultation, procedure, facility fees, and post-op care. 


The lower facelift is a surgical procedure that restores a healthy, supple appearance by treating mild to severe signs of aging, such as skin laxity, jowls, wrinkles, nasolabial folds and more. It is often performed in combination with a neck lift to target concerns below the jawline as well, ensuring the most natural contours and youthful results.

There are various techniques that can be used during facelift surgery, so the cost may differ from person to person. However, Dr. Daines will develop a customized surgical plan tailored to your needs. You can find the typical cost for a full lower face and neck lift below.

Typical Lower Face & Neck Lift Costs

Professional Fee: $18,000 — $25,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $3,500 — $4,500

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery is a facial procedure designed to rejuvenate the area around the eyes to help you look more alert, refreshed and youthful. It works by removing excess skin and fat that causes the eyelids to droop or sag. When performed beneath the eyes (lower blepharoplasty), Dr. Daines can also remove unwanted skin and fat in the area that create a puffy appearance.

The cost of eyelid surgery will depend on which concerns you are targeting. Some people prefer to focus on the upper eyelids, while others are more concerned about bags or puffiness that occur in the lower eyelids. Upper and lower blepharoplasty can also be combined for comprehensive results that address a number of cosmetic and sometimes functional issues.

Typical Upper Eyelid Surgery Costs

Professional Fee: $4,500 — $6,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,550

Typical Lower Eyelid Surgery Costs

Professional Fee: $6,000 — $9,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,800 — $2,100


Rhinoplasty, also known colloquially as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that can transform your overall appearance by improving the size, shape and symmetry of your nose. As a focal point of the face, the nose can have a powerful impact on your facial harmony. Even subtle changes can bring things back into a pleasing balance. 

Every rhinoplasty is different, so the cost may vary depending on your needs and goals. However, the biggest determining factor is whether this is your first nose surgery or a revision. A second rhinoplasty is more complex and typically costs more than the original.

Typical Rhinoplasty Costs

Professional Fee: $10,000 — $14,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $2,600 — $3,600

Typical Revision Rhinoplasty Costs

Professional Fee: $14,000 — $20,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $3,300 — $5,300

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing treatments rejuvenate your complexion by removing the damaged outer layer of skin and stimulating the production of collagen. At Daines Plastic Surgery, we use fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, which combines the benefits of ablative (destroying surface cells) and non-ablative (targeting the underlying tissue) lasers into a single treatment. 

Fractional lasers treat a portion of your skin at a time and leave surrounding areas intact. This ensures a more comfortable procedure and accelerates the healing process, but a topical anesthetic will still be used at the beginning of your appointment. Laser resurfacing can be done in office or in the operating room depending on your needs and preferences.

Typical Laser Resurfacing Costs

Professional Fee: $3,000 — $4,500   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $0 (Office) —  $1,500 (OR)

Brow/Forehead Lift

A brow or forehead lift is used to address sagging skin in the upper face that has contributed to an aged appearance. It can reduce deep forehead wrinkles and loose skin above the eyes to restore a more youthful look. This procedure can also treat hooding of the upper eyelids and excess skin that folds down from the brow and obstructs your vision.

Browlifts can be paired with a facelift or eyelid surgery for comprehensive rejuvenation of the face. There are numerous techniques and incisions that Dr. Daines can use to achieve your desired results, but these may vary depending on your needs and concerns.

Typical Browlift Costs

Professional Fee: $6,000 — $9,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,500 — $2,100

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is a revolutionary technique in facial plastic surgery. It uses your own natural body fat to correct volume loss and restore youthful contours in areas such as the forehead, temples, lower eyelids, cheeks, mouth and chin. 

Facial fat grafting is a long-lasting solution to aging that can keep you looking rejuvenated for years. In some cases, the results may even become permanent, making this procedure an efficient and cost-effective alternative to other treatments such as dermal fillers. 

Typical Facial Fat Grafting Costs

Professional Fee: $3,500 — $6,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,500 — $1,850

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation adds definition to the lower face using custom-shaped implants to help balance your features. This procedure is often used to correct the appearance of a weak chin or offset a prominent nose. Chin augmentation has a very high satisfaction rate among patients, with many surgeons claiming it provides the most value for your “buck”.

Typical Chin Augmentation Costs

Professional Fee: $5,000 — $6,500   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,500 — $1,850

Lip Lift

Most people turn to lip fillers to achieve a fuller pout, but there is a more permanent solution that many overlook — the lip lift. This surgical procedure has become a popular alternative for those who want to add volume to their lips but are tired of receiving multiple injections. It can permanently enhance the balance, proportion and shape of the lips, making it more economical in the long run than temporary fillers that wear off after a few months.

Typical Lip Lift Costs

Professional Fee: $4,000 — $6,500   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,500 — $2,100

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat pad removal, sometimes called cheek reduction surgery, is a technique used to create more sculpted, chiseled and defined facial contours. It provides beautifully subtle results that can reduce the appearance of full or chubby cheeks that are bothersome. Buccal fat removal can be performed on its own or combined with other facial procedures for more dramatic improvements in the cheek and facial profile. 

Typical Buccal Fat Removal Costs

Professional Fee: $4,000 — $6,000   |   Facility & Anesthesia: $1,500 — $1,850

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