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Neck Lift

Over time, the delicate muscles and skin of the neck and lower face are subject to sagging and losing definition. This can result in the formation of jowls along your jawline, the dreaded “turkey wattle” effect, a double chin or wrinkled skin on your neck. These concerns can drastically age your appearance, even if other areas such as your face and chest are still taut and youthful. If you find your self-confidence suffering due to signs of aging on the neck, a neck lift can effectively restore the skin and musculature of your neck with younger-looking tone and tightness.

Dr. Steven Daines performs expert neck lifts for his patients in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Daines is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon whose expertise lies in the advanced rejuvenation of the face and neck. He is one of the few Orange County plastic surgeons who has dedicated his practice exclusively to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. If you are interested in creating a naturally slimmer and more supple appearance to your lower face and neck, Daines Plastic Surgery can help make your aesthetic goals a beautiful reality.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, sometimes referred to as a lower rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to restore a more youthful, sleeker and tighter look to the neck and the area beneath the chin. The surgery primarily focuses on correcting loose skin and muscles in the area that results in jowls, a “turkey wattle” or deep horizontal wrinkles at the jawline and along the neck. Dr. Daines may also adjust or remove excess fat as necessary. If the appearance of your neck seems to be aging at a faster rate than other areas of the body, particularly the face, a neck lift can restore a more youthful and refined neckline for years to come.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift

As with any surgical procedure, patients interested in neck lift surgery should be in good overall health, are nonsmokers and have realistic expectations for what this procedure can do for them. You are likely a good candidate for neck lift surgery if you have excess skin along your jawline, under the chin and around the neck that causes the area to look saggy, heavy or wrinkled. Concerns that are commonly addressed with a neck lift include:

  • Sagging skin along the jawline, or jowls
  • Fat deposits beneath the chin, or submental fullness
  • Loosened platysma muscles resulting in a “stringy” look to the neck
  • Horizontal neck bands
  • Stretched, excess skin on the neck resulting in a “turkey wattle”

A neck lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or paired with additional rejuvenation treatments depending on your unique concerns and goals. Patients who are still satisfied with the appearance of their face may find that a neck lift is all that is needed to enhance their overall appearance. However, a facelift, or rhytidectomy, is often performed in conjunction with neck lift surgery to help patients comprehensively address a wide range of aging concerns on the face and neck. This offers individuals the benefit of a single operation and a single recovery period.

What to Expect From Your Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lift surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with heavy sedation, depending on your preference and Dr. Daines’ expert recommendation. A traditional neck lift can take between one to three hours to complete if it is performed as a stand-alone procedure. Any additional aesthetic procedures performed, such as a facelift, will increase the length of your operation as well as your recovery process.

During your procedure, Dr. Daines will create small and discreet incisions that will ensure any visible postoperative scarring is minimal. Generally, incisions are placed behind the natural folds of the ears and within the hairline near the sideburns. A second incision may be placed under your chin, depending on your specific case and concerns. Through these incisions, Dr. Daines may remove fat along the jawline, tighten the platysma muscles into a more uplifted position or redistribute pockets of fat to restore fullness to areas with volume loss. Next, any excess, lax skin will be trimmed away to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or jowls. Finally, the skin will be redraped over your neck to restore a sleek and youthful neck contour and sutured into place.

Recovering From Your Neck Lift Surgery

Immediately following your neck lift surgery, you will likely be experiencing some initial tightness and soreness in your neck area. You will also have mild to moderate bruising and swelling visible in your treated areas. Compression bandages can be worn to help reduce residual swelling and speed up the recovery process after your procedure.

Most patients feel comfortable returning to work or other regular activities after about one to two weeks of downtime, though bruising and swelling may still be present at this time. It is essential for your recovery that you keep your head elevated at all times — even while sleeping — and avoid turning or twisting your head fully until your incisions have completely healed. Strenuous activities such as working out will typically need to be avoided for about one-month post-op, or until Dr. Daines gives you clearance to do so. Dr. Daines will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure you avoid complications and have a smooth recovery.

Your Neck Lift Results

After your neck lift procedure, most patients can expect to see their final results within four months of their surgery as residual swelling diminishes. Incision lines will continue to mature and fade for about six months to one year. Once your full results arrive, you will be able to enjoy a smoother, slimmer and more defined neck contour, as well as a more distinguished jawline.

The results of your neck lift surgery will be long-lasting and should age gracefully with you over time. While no procedure can stop the effects of time, you can prolong the results of your neck lift by maintaining a stable, healthy weight and practicing good skincare habits.

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