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The nose is one of the most prominent features on the face and can have a large impact on your overall appearance. Trauma to the nose is an extremely common injury that can change both the external shape and internal structure of your nose, creating unwanted changes in your appearance and impairing your ability to breathe. If you have recently suffered nasal trauma, including a nasal fracture or broken nose, or you have lingering side effects from a previous nose injury, Dr. Steven Daines and his expert staff at Daines Plastic Surgery can help you make it right.

Treating a Nose Injury

Signs of a nasal fracture or nose injury that requires treatment can include:

  • Bruising, including black eyes
  • Pain and tenderness around the nose
  • Crooked nasal shape that was not previously present
  • Swelling around the nose and eyes
  • Bleeding from one or both nostrils
  • Difficulty breathing out of either nasal passage

Dr. Daines can help you treat your nose injury at its onset with open or closed nasal reduction surgery. When it comes to nose injuries, time is of the essence. Treating an injury in the first seven to 10 days will produce optimal results and allow for an easier procedure. Waiting two weeks or more before seeking treatment can allow the nasal bones to set, requiring a more difficult and uncomfortable procedure that involves re-fracturing the bones to ensure they heal correctly. Whenever your injury occurred, Dr. Daines will provide a solution to address all of your concerns.

Restoring Your Ability to Breathe with Septoplasty

Trauma to the nose is one of the primary causes of a deviated septum. Deviated septums occur when the interior cartilage of the septum becomes displaced or crooked, obstructing one or both nasal passages and making breathing difficult. If you have a deviated septum resulting from a previous injury, then septoplasty surgery can reshape and straighten your septum to restore your ability to breathe. During septoplasty surgery, parts of the septum may be removed or rebuilt using cartilage taken from elsewhere in the nose, ear or ribs.

Whether you have recently suffered an injury or have had difficulty breathing for years due to previous physical trauma, Dr. Daines can perform septoplasty to correct your deviated septum and improve your overall quality of life.

Correcting Your Physical Appearance with Rhinoplasty

In addition to functional impairment, a nasal injury can also cause cosmetic issues. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can alter the shape, size and symmetry of the nose for a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Rhinoplasty is tailored to the unique concerns of each client, making it a highly customizable and personal procedure.

If your nose has not looked the same since you suffered an injury, Dr. Daines can perform rhinoplasty to restore its original shape. He can also address any other cosmetic concerns you may have for a transformative and rewarding procedure. If you also have functional concerns resulting from a deviated septum, then Dr. Daines can simultaneously perform aspects of a septoplasty procedure for a comprehensive treatment result.

Daines Plastic Surgery

The nose has been widely considered to be one of the most difficult areas of the body on which to perform surgery. When it comes to treating an injury on such a visible part of your body, make sure you choose the right doctor for the job. Dr. Daines is double board-certified and specializes in facial plastic surgery. With years of extensive education and experience in advanced cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery, he can correct damage resulting from a nose injury to ensure you look and feel like yourself again.

If you have just suffered a nose injury, then schedule an appointment right away with Daines Plastic Surgery. Dr. Daines will perform an in-office evaluation to determine the appropriate course of action that will provide you with optimal results. Call us today at 949-397-6499 to schedule your appointment.

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