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If you are considering making permanent surgical alterations to your body, choosing the right plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will make during the process. Not only should you feel comfortable openly discussing your questions and concerns with your surgeon, but you should feel completely confident in your surgeon’s knowledge, experience and ability to deliver the results you want.

At Daines Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daines makes it his top priority to exceed patients’ expectations and make them feel welcomed and comfortable in his office. If a rhinoplasty procedure to improve your nose’s size, shape or symmetry interests you, choosing a doctor who specializes in facial plastic surgery will ensure that you receive the highest level of care.

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a delicate surgical procedure that focuses on changing the aesthetic appearance of the nose. Every rhinoplasty procedure is different because every patient’s concerns are unique. Some conditions rhinoplasty can address include nasal humps or depressions, wide bridge widths, bulbous or droopy nasal tips, and asymmetrical or wide nostrils. While rhinoplasty is purely a cosmetic procedure, it can be combined with septoplasty to correct a deviated septum and improve the patient’s breathing and quality of life.

Why Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

While other plastic surgeons may be familiar with and able to perform rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgeons like Dr. Daines are trained extensively on facial cosmetic procedures, giving them a level of specialization that is unmatched by other doctors. Rhinoplasty falls under the branch of medicine known as otolaryngology, a subfield that deals exclusively with the head and neck. Sometimes referred to as ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors, otolaryngologists study and train specifically to surgically treat these small and intricate parts of the body.

If you are bothered by the aesthetic appearance of your nose and would like to undergo rhinoplasty, make sure to choose a doctor who is an expert to guarantee you receive results that will leave you happy for years to come.

Dr. Daines: The Rhinoplasty Expert

Dr. Daines is double board-certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. As a member the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology, Dr. Daines stays active and engaged in the medical community. He has contributed towards furthering research and education in facial plastic surgery, having written articles published in textbooks and peer-reviewed medical journals.

If you are interested in undergoing rhinoplasty from an expert or would like to learn more about the procedure, call Daines Plastic Surgery today at 949-397-6499 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daines.

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