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Aesthetic enhancement does not have to mean surgical procedures with long recovery times. Non-surgical treatments can up your game with targeted facial enhancements in time for the New Year. Check out these facial rejuvenation options available at Daines Plastic Surgery that can help you greet 2016 in style.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments are a quick way to turn back the clock and give you a more youthful look for the big ball drop. We offer a wide range of injectable treatments, including:

  • Botox – Used to smooth away wrinkles around the forehead and eyes, this neuromodulator works by relaxing the facial muscles that lead to the formation of wrinkles.
  • Juvederm and Restylane – Proven dermal fillers that reduce the appearance of lines and creases around the nose, mouth and chin by supporting the skin from the inside out.
  • Radiesse and Sculptra – Both of these injectable treatments offer smooth volumizing effects that restores youthful volume to areas like the cheeks and jawline.

Injectable treatments can be performed in just a few minutes in our Newport Beach office and provide results that can last many months. It is best to get these treatments at least one week prior to big events to ensure the results are at their best before you show off your new look.

Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels are an effective way to achieve full skin exfoliation and rejuvenation. These treatments involve application of a chemical solution designed to target your specific skin concerns. After a prescribed period of time, the solution is removed to reveal a fresher, more vibrant complexion. Chemical peels usually take less than one hour to complete and you can return to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over.


Microneedling is another option in skin exfoliation that uses a special tool rather than a chemical solution to remove outer layers of skin. The procedure is non-invasive, involves little to no pain and has little associated downtime. The process uses tiny needles to create very small holes in the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production and enhancing your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. You will notice improved texture and tone, diminished scarring from acne or otherwise and the dramatic reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

No matter what your specific skin concerns might be, our cosmetic treatments can help you address them so you look and feel your best in time for the New Year’s celebration. To learn more about these treatments or find out which procedure will meet your needs best, contact Daines Plastic Surgery at 949-397-6499.

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