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Facial fat grafting or fat transfer is becoming a popular way for many patients to turn back the clock and achieve long-lasting enhancement to their appearance. The procedure offers dramatic results with minimal risk and downtime involved. If you are looking for a way to smooth away facial lines, restore youthful volume to the face or bring certain features into focus, there are three good reasons to consider fat grafting at Daines Plastic Surgery.

A Healthy Glow to Your Skin

Although there is not yet definitive research regarding fat transfer and stem cells, there is a growing body of evidence that shows a trend towards skin rejuvenation in patients who undergo fat transfer. Because the process may transfer stem cells along with the fat, many patients notice improvements in the texture and clarity of their skin following the procedure. A more even texture and a healthy glow are affects of the treatment that are likely related to stem cells or growth factors that are transferred with the fat.

Whatever the case, a renewed glow is definitely a positive outcome!

No Incisions, No Scarring

After the fat is removed, it is purified and prepared for the second step of the fat grafting procedure. Injections of the fat will be made to smooth away facial creases, restore facial volume or augment features like the lips, temples, jawline, or cheekbones. Because the fat is administered by injection, you don’t have to worry about incisions or post-procedural scarring in visible areas of your face. The procedure works in a similar fashion to injectable dermal fillers, only the results can last much longer.

Fast, Long-Lasting Results

Fat is usually injected in larger amounts than needed since a portion of the fat is likely to be reabsorbed into the body after treatment. This can leave you looking somewhat puffier than you wanted in the early days following your fat transfer. However, as the fat begins to smooth out, you will enjoy natural, beautiful results that are likely to last many years. Some patients even find their fat grafting appears to be a permanent enhancement, sparing the need for additional touch-up procedures.

Fat transfer is an effective way to achieve body sculpting and facial enhancement in a single procedure. To learn more about this innovative treatment, contact Daines Plastic Surgery at 949-397-6499.

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